Dreamers Act Essay

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Through the media social policies are portrayed differently on different publications. Some publications may support the policy and others might be on the fence or downright just don’t agree with the policy that is being made and they share their views. A Policy that is being talked about in today’s media is the Dreamers Act. If president Trump will have it ceased and no longer continued. How would it leave the people that are here in America through the act and what will happen to them? The Dreamers act or (DACA) is short for Development, Relief and Education for Alien minors. The act was introduced to congress in 2001 and till this day congress have not found a proper way to enact the bill to law there has been many revisions to…show more content…
Lawful Permanent Residence is anyone who maintains CPR status can obtain lawful permanent residence or a green card by satisfying one of these requirements higher education, military service and they must complete at least two years and for the military have an honorable discharge. Lastly work to demonstrate over a total of three years. (Dream Act…Policies,2017). The last and finally step is Naturalization in which they can now obtain their citizenship. Since DACA is a controversial bill many people in power are feeling the heat of the people. In the article “Here’s how that looming DACA deadline changes the game for California’s vulnerable Republicans” from Los Angeles Times talks about how certain republicans based their campaigns on how illegal immigrants should not be rewarded and that they are taking up spots in American Universities. With these views, these Reps such as Mimi Walters and Ed Royce are now back peddling ever since Trump have said he end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programs (DACA) and they sympathize “with children who have only known America as their home”, Walters also says it would be “unjust to punish them” (Mai-Duc, 2017). How that many people have started to protest outside their offices. The next article is “DACA youth deserve a clean ‘Dream Act’- not a poison pill” by Albert Jacquez on the publication The
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