Dreaming, By Rene Descartes

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Dreaming Argument

Dreaming is something we all are subject to. Every night when we lay down in our beds we dream, now whether or not we can remember our dreams is a different story. Dreams can be very realistic and they have been speculated and researched but we know little about our dreams, what they mean, and the sensations or feelings they provide for us. As far as we know dreaming is our unconscious mind acting out desires, possibly because we cannot do them or experience those events in our waking life. Since dreaming is so under researched and we know little about it, it has been speculated by many people. Rene Descartes go in depth on this subject and his ideas on what dreaming is arguing that we cannot distinguish the difference between being awake and being asleep. That is a very bold statement and put in a seemingly simplistic way, recorded in his first meditations. What Descartes does is challenge our preconceived notions of dreaming and puts us in the frame of mind to answer for ourselves if we are dreaming right now or are we actually experiencing reality. Descartes makes us come face to face with the reality that we actually don’t know if we are dreaming. His claims that we may be dreaming is a well-known philosophical argument in the Western world and I hope to discover the truth behind his argument and shed light on how I perceive his philosophy on the dreaming world. I will shed light on this dream argument by interpreting what Descartes says, other…

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