Dreaming Is Something That All Humans Do Essay

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Dreaming is something that all humans do. It is a wonderfully mysterious part of our life. No one knows for sure why we dream, but there are many theories as to why we do it. The conventional view on what dreams are, is that they are experiences in our brains during REM, (rapid eye movement) sleep that are seen as real by the dreamer (Weiten & McCann, 2016). These images are often bizarre in nature and include extremely vivid imagery that can be jarring to the dreamer in question, many scientific professionals have questioned this view (Weiten & McCann, 2016). This paper will address three of the most prominent theories as to why we dream, Sigmund Freud’s theory of wish fulfillment, the theory that dreams are simply our brains consolidating memories, and Rosalind Cartwright’s theory that dreams are our subconscious working through issues we are currently experiencing in our lives (Weitan & McCann, 2016). Dreaming is a heavily personal thing and is different for everybody. These theories above are simply trying to understand the subconscious and make sense of it. All three of these theories are heavily debated and have been for decades.
Sigmund Freud’s theory of dreaming is one of the more dated of the three, it provides thought provoking information on the nature of dreaming but has come under scrutiny as new information about the inner working of the brain during sleep and REM cycles has been discovered. “Sigmund Freud is often cited as the first author to put…
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