Dreaming Is Something We 've All Experienced While Sleeping

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Dreaming is something we’ve all experienced while sleeping. Our dreams are produced by an altered state of consciousness, in which images and fantasies become mixed with reality. We all experience dreams that range from the pleasant and the not so pleasant or nightmares. Dreaming is still largely a mystery to science, as experiments are conducted to figure out why we dream and how dreams function. We do know one thing for sure, that everyone dreams unless in the rare case they are prevented by meditation or a brain injury. Dreams occur in two states; REM sleep and non-REM sleep which are very different and give the dreamer different sensations. In REM sleep our dreams contain intense emotions, visual and auditory hallucinations. While in NON-REM sleep our dreams tend to be dull and realistic, compared to REM sleep dreams that are illogical and incoherent. The contents of the dream can be linked to certain parts of the brain that is activated during our sleep, so in REM sleep, parts of the brain that control motivation, emotion, and reward are activated while areas in the pre-frontal cortex are deactivated; since the prefrontal cortex is necessary for self-awareness this is believed to be the cause for why REM dreams are irrational.

Rem stands for rapid eye movement, during REM sleep neutrons in the brain, specifically in the occipital cortex and brain stem regions, are more active during REM sleep than during waking hours or compared to non-REM sleep. While this is…

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