Dreaming Is Your Brain Uses Images, Emotions, Or Ideas During Sleep Essay

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What is dreaming? Dreaming is your brain uses images, emotions, or ideas during sleep. “It’s an experience of imagination that occurs in a number of states of consciousness: not only the sleep states of REM, non-REM, but also as waking dreams and near-death experience.” (Dream Studies Portal) The reason why we dreams is it “may be what allows us to sleep in the first place. “Dreams protect sleep," Solms says. They furnish an ersatz world to keep the brain temporarily occupied in its unyielding quest for activity. His iconoclastic view of dreams springs from emerging evidence that REM sleep and dreaming are not synonymous, and that the brain mechanisms involved in REM sleep may be entirely different from those involved in dreaming. Dreaming, in fact, is now thought to recruit areas of the brain involved in higher mental functions.” (Why We Dream) Dreaming allows us to relax, recover, and re-energize our body during sleep. There are many different types dream states. Dray dreaming, normal dreams, lucid dreams, false awakenings, and nightmares. “Day dreams are the most common form of altered consciousness. Consciousness is simply our level of awareness of what 's going on around us and in us at all times. It is a level of our alertness. “Scientists identified the default network that kicks in when the brain is not required to focus and concentrate on a task. This allows us to focus on internal factors such as planning and escaping pressures and stress.” (What is Daydreaming

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