Dreaming Vs Lucid Dreaming

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During our lives, we tend to spend a lot of our time dreaming. But are we conscious of the outside world, or are we ignorant towards it? Denis (2016) states, “[a]lthough we can be aware of the perceptions and emotions we experience in our dreams, we are not conscious in the same way as when we’re awake” (p.1). Although a person is not as aware sleeping, as they are awake, lucid dreamers are able to stimulate their waking conscious and go into a whole new world of dreaming. This new world feels as if it is reality because they are able to control their abilities and experience the real world, while living in their dreams. However, there are an immense amount of differences between the two subjects, and without having the knowledge of how they are different; society may never unravel this one mysterious observation.
Lucid dreaming and consciousness are both states in which the mind is experiencing and being aware of something. Consciousness is known as a state of being ultimately aware of a person’s surroundings, while dreaming is a state of sleep where a person is not conscious of what is around them. However, a lucid dream completely takes consciousness and dreaming to an entirely new level. Whereas regular dreams do not let people alter their scenarios, in a lucid dream it unravels another reality where a person in REM sleep can stimulate desired scenarios. These different scenarios can be things such as a person making them do anything from flying, to meeting their loved

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