Dreams And Beliefs About Dreams

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Traveling has always been an expensive leisure, still it is craved so much that people from everywhere are willing to spend good money for just one enjoyable new experience. Unknowingly traveling is experienced in a different way almost every day and free of cost through dreaming. Dreams are like a fictional realm where one can get to role play their own life, with different rules and no limits. In formal words a dream is a series of images, emotions and sensations that happen, usually involuntarily, in one 's mind during certain stages of sleep. "The emphasis on dream and beliefs about them differ considerably across cultures." (Kracke, page 1). It is fairly simple to state that different cultures interpret dreams in a different manner, but do dreams change in different cultures? When one is placed in a different culture from his/her own not only do their interpretation of dreams change, but so does their dreams. When it comes to interpreting dreams it is said that "The best person to analyze the true meaning to your dream would be the dreamer." (dream dictionary). The problem is that most people can barely remember their dreams after waking up from them. The key is practice, the more one tries to recall the details of their dream the more they get used to remembering them. Some try this technique by keeping a dream journal, and others just simply recite their dreams to the first person they see in the morning. Culture plays a crucial role in determining whether a person
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