Dreams And Dreams : Dreams

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Avery Alexander

English III

Mr. Tarr

26 April 2015
Throughout our dreaming experience, we feel different sensations, emotions, and thoughts interpreted through images in a person’s mind. During our unconscious process, the meanings of our inner thoughts are experienced through dreams. Some psychologists believe dreams are connected to our real emotions and others may see dreams as a specific meaning related to one’s life (Young). Dreams can put us in touch with our real motives in life due to the connection they have to reality, but other opinions are believed to be that dreams are simply processing memories letting go of emotional thoughts throughout your day (Hamilton-Parker).
For hundreds of years, people have been questioning why they are dreaming what they are. Dreams incorporate deeper meanings and past experiences to express the information in the form of visual images. Through the process of dreaming and imagining, we as humans have the ability to experience the world and use our mind to explore our imagination (Berman). Dreaming is a way to stabilize our thought process and cleanse the mind. We discover that every aspect in a dream is manifesting itself in some way in our everyday lives (Springett).
There are many different theories evaluating the meaning of our dreams and how they are generated. In the 1900’s Sigmund Freud developed a way to interpret our dreams through a process of understanding symbols that appear in our dreams (Young). He explained…

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