Dreams And Dreams

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The humankind throughout history has tried to learn and figure out the meaning of dreaming. The interpretations and true meanings of dreams has expanded and has varied over centuries and cultures. Many of the earlier studies were based on culture’s and the interpretation of dreams, but also used as a form of prophecy, inspiration, and guidance. Many people still believe this such, people today beliefs and theories have opened up to a more vast interpretation, they are made up of; dreams are rare brain activity, dreams allow people to reflect on themselves, or that dreams are too massive to be correctly interpret. Although, not a single theory has been proven to this day, science as of why dreams occur is still a mystery. However, the true exact meaning of dreaming hasn 't been proven, there has been new ideas, different methods to advances to both a psychological, science understanding of when it began and how it functions. What some of the studies have concluded is that dreams are a certain phase of the brain 's activities, that the mind experiences while you are sleep; sounds, pictures, ideas, and feelings. Both psychologists and scientist have theorized that dreaming is made up of the person’s mind, that ranges from being rare, normal, scary, and ordinary. Having the power to awaken only to wonder what the dream you had last night was about, or even try to find the cause of a dream, but not knowing the truth about it can leave a lot of mystery behind. We may even…

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