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Most of the time, I am a vivid and active dreamer. I would have dreams very often some more realistic than others. In my dreams, I could feel everything and perceive everything around as if it where reality. Nightmares or bad dreams would be the worst because I’d feel trapped in my dream and actually feeling all the emotions, fear and tensions that arise without being able to wake up. From time to time, my dreams would make sense and actually mean something. Other times it would be non-sense or just my imagination. From time to time, I would have dreams that actually happen. The events that played out in my dream would occur in the chronology as they did in my dream. Somewhat oblivious to those dreams, I would put no effort into further understanding why these dreams occurred. One day, my dream was more than just a dream. When I was fourteen, I had a dream about my grandfather. One might ask how could I remember a dream from over four years ago but this dream changed my life as well as his. My grandfather and I had a good relationship and he was in good health. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. In my dream, I was watching the events play out as if I was watching a movie. Although the dream was foggy or blurry, I saw everything that happened. My grandmother was sitting in the kitchen area in the same seat she always did watching a T.V. program. My grandfather walked out of the bedroom but he did not look like his usual self. He was dragging his leg and walked with a

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