Dreams And Failure Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Dreams to the Extreme Blind Reality People watching can be a very amusing, insightful, or judgemental experience, but rarely does one reflect on how his/her actions might be viewed in the eyes of another person. By focusing on the lives of others, people lose sight of their reality and create a blurred metal image of what they want their life to be. Their actions then follow this image and become more of those written in a storybook than the realistic reactions to the present. Steinbrink describes this action as an attempt to “alter reality in order to bring it in line with [one’s] dream.” Several characters in Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby become encumbered by their dreams and unable to act on reality as it is. The Great Gatsby himself, was the most prominent victim of “shedding his humanity and becoming a manipulator rather than a participator in events” (Steinbrink). His vision of recreating his past love affair with Daisy narrows his mind to only see things affecting this “single dream” (Fitzgerald 124). This limitation of his mind is only based upon his emotions, and causes him to make impulsive decisions that become deleterious to his logical reasoning. He moves across the lake from Daisy and her husband. He throws millions of dollars away in parties just hoping she will be a guest. He puts other characters in danger by asking them to do questionable things. He tells Daisy to lie to her husband about her love (100). He jumps to conclusions that really
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