Dreams And The Dreams Of Dreams

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To begin this paper first we need to have the understanding of what dreams are and why they are important to us. A dream is a story, a series of ideas, emotions and sensations that occur while we are sleeping. Freud’s “Psychological analysis of the content of dreams” says that every dream has a storyline and meaning behind it. Therefore the reason why dreams are important is because we need to express in some way our desires and wish fulfillments that are forbidden for our conscious mind. The movie Inception is related to the concept of dreams that were studied during the “Consciousness” chapter, but more particularly in lucid dreaming, which led in seeing a world where someone could implant an idea in someone else’s mind by entering their dream.
From what I learned in college, lucid dreams are the fact that we are aware that we are dreaming and are in control over the dream. More and more people get fascinated by the idea of lucid dreaming, because only then they could be the in control of doing whatever they want that could never be possible of doing in real life. That is one of the greatest ways to explore the infinite limits of our own subconscious mind. Those are the reasons why some people even try to train their brain to dream lucidly, but the question that was aske was whether or not it’s possible to do such thing. In the research I did it said that it is with time and techniques. The one that I think that will help us the most is by meditation. By meditating we

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