Dreams And The Meanings Of Dreams

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There are many facts that are unknown about dreams and their meanings. For centuries, philosophers and scientists have tried to understand the meaning of dreams. They have all been fascinated by the fact that the content of dreams may have meanings relating to one’s life. Are dreams just thoughts in people’s minds, or are dreams in fact representations of different areas in people’s lives? Dreams represent many different areas of one’s life in physical, emotional, and mental ways. Dreams can relay to people facts about their lives that they are not even aware of. There are also many ways that dreams can help cure different physical, emotional, and mental problems in one’s life. This paper will discuss dreams and their meanings, and ways of interpreting a dream using such methods as hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis therapy that can help a person in physical, mental, and emotional ways. The first fact that will be discussed is what dreams are and how they work for people in allowing the person to discover more about himself. Dreams can be defined as “a conscious series of images that occur during sleep” (Collier’s, vol. 8). Dreams are usually very vivid in color and imagery. They reveal to the dreamer different wishes, concerns, and worries that he or she has. Dreams usually reflect every part of who the dreamer is. The content of the person’s dream is usually made up according to how old the dreamer is and how educated the he or she is (Collier’s, vol. 8). Dreams are not…
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