Dreams Are One Of The Great Enigmas Of Humankind

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Arthur Mooso Professor Ashley Wolstein English 314 Online 026 February January 2015 Edgar Allan Poe hits Reality within a Dream Dreams are one of the great enigmas of humankind. Theircan be complexity both physically and psychologically licated as it was never stumpunderstood by anyone not even those who claim themselves experts. Often times, discerning between a dream and reality becomes unclear to the dreamer A dream is one of the sensitive topics and difficult to comprehend because of the different levels of mind emotional magnitude and consciousness that are associated with its such as convincing images, feelingsemotions, ideas, contemplations, and sensations. Dreams can even be expressions of our conscious mind that are portrayed and reflected through our subconscious. Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Dream within a Dream”, is a poem that carefully illustrates the speaker’snarrator’s true despondent feelingsemotional state, due to the death of a loved one, towards the emptiness of life due to a loss of a loved oneby in a blink of eye just like a dream using effective poetry devices such as personification, and symbolismmetaphor, imagery, and symbols, and a quickrapid change of setting . In the poem, tThe first type of device that Edgar Allan Poe uses toin the poem to vividlysibly describeoutline the narratorspeaker’s feelingmood regarding the death of his of losing a lovedbeloved one is-- through personification. Poe uses this literary device iIn line 6 of the poem, we can

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