Dreams From My Father By Barack Obama

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Wessman 1 Natalie Wessman Jay Hester History 18B May 08, 2016 Dreams From My Father Analysis In Barack Obama’s Memoir “Dreams From My Father” he focuses on growing up in a biracial family and his struggles with racism and his identity. The 403 pages were in depth on race, wanting to make a difference with Civil Rights, and how he first discovered what is was like to have colored skin, and how life was growing up without his father. His book was divided into three sections, Growing up in Hawaii, his life in Chicago, and the last is about his memories in Kenya with family. His story begins with a phone call from his Aunt Jane in Nairobi, Kenya while Obama was living in New York. She said “Barry? Barry, is that you?” and he replied “Yes, Who is this?” and she replied stating her name and why she was calling, ‘Listen Barry, your father is dead.” His father Barack Hussein Obama Sr. passed away in a car accident. Obama Sr. lived and grew up in Kenya and his mother, was was from Wichita, Kansas. They both met at the University of Hawaii and shortly after had Barrack in Honolulu on August 4, 1961. His father was the first African American to attend the University. The marriage only lasted a few years and his father moved back to Kenya and didn’t see his son until he was 10 years old. His mother remarried an Indonesian man and soon moved to Indonesia with her son. There Obama was homeschooled by her. Obama remembers a turning point in his childhood when he read an article in
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