Dreams Is The Prime Destination For Many Immigrants

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Dreams are powerful. They are images that flash in our mind as we sleep or goals that define us while we are awake. For centuries, dreams have been the reason for immigrants to come to America. Dreams of a better job, education and life or dreams of refuge, love and riches. America has been the prime destination for many immigrants that seek opportunities and a better future. My family was no exception. As a native born Malaysian, I have lived in my hometown for ten years before making the huge move to the U.S. One reason for the big move is that dreams cannot prosper in Malaysia. More often than not, the dreams of becoming a firefighter or a doctor simply vanishes and dies because of the ineffective governance of Malaysia’s leaders. If my family wanted any possibility of a bright future, America was the answer. It was a Wednesday in the month of December. Our whole family boarded the planed headed to the state of Texas, USA. Overall, that Wednesday was a particularly emotional day from the countless goodbyes, hugs and going-away gifts. Friends and family all gathered in the airport to wave their last goodbyes. I was a confused ten year old, not really able to comprehend the entirety of the situation although I knew everything was going to be different from this point forward. Throughout the flight, my parents and sisters alike were tearing up, whether from joy or sadness or maybe a combination of both. I thought to myself, “Why go through with such a decision that will
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