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Are dreams just the interpretation of the human unconcious mind? Do the dreams humans have represent unfulfilled wishes in there unconcious mind? Are feelings of de ja vue just those unconcious thoughts coming out in dreams and as such being thought of as all ready living that specific moment? All good questions that have plauged pyschologist since the age of Freud. Dreams have been seen in different ways by many different people. Some say that there are signs in dreams that point toward things that my happen in life such as omens. Other psychologist such as Freud say that dreams are just representations of our uncoucious minds at work. The world renowned psycologist also goes on to say, "Dreams are just unfulfilled wishes in
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People usually go from the second stage to the last stage four or five times a night. Though Psycologist havent found exactly what people are dreaming they have found that dreaming does occur in the second stage of the sleep cycle.

The only way to measure what people are dreaming is to have them write the dream down and then analyze it(Freud 34). In an experiment conducted by freud on himself, he came up with some interesting findings. The first dream Frued evaluated dealt with a female patient of his. From his writings on his dream he came to find that the dream had been about something he wanted to do. Freud had fallen for one of his nuerosis patients and couldnt tell her because that would break the trust between patient and doctor. The dream contained all the things he secretly felt for his patient. When evaluated by Freud he began to come up with the Hypothesis that dreams are just reflections of our unconcious wants and needs. The only way to remember a dream is to wake up and write exactly what happened on a piece of paper(Freud 17). If the dream is not written down their is a good chance that the dream will be forgotten. A studie was done at stanford university which tried to wake people why they were dreaming and see if they remembered their dreams(Lefton 132). The psycologist recieved good results to prove that waking up durring a dream allows the person to remember the dream better and in more detail. After Freud had been successful with his

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