Essay about Dreams

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Thesis: We dream thousands of dreams every night, but why and what do they mean?

I. The basics about dreams
A. History
1. Ancient theories
2. Research
B. What is dreaming
1. Definition
2. Types
a. Insight
b. Lucid
c. Precognitive
d. Review
e. Gratification
f. Physical
C. Why do we dream
II. The Interpretation of dreams
A. Four stages
1. Understand content
2. Influence
3. Characterization
4. Order and context
B. Interpretation Today
1. Gestalt vs. Freudian
2. Outcome
III. Nightmares
A. What are nightmares
B. Types
1. Daymare
2. D-Nightmare
3. D-Sleep
C. How often
IV. Daydreaming
A. What is daydreaming
B. Two general categories
1. Elaborate fantasies
2. Recurring fantasies
C. Daydreaming
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Dreaming of birds was also a sign from the gods. Birds symbolize different types of people. Birds also had an important meaning in a dream to the Greeks. For instance, eagles stood for powerful men and women, and pigeons of mean women (Holroyd 56). The Greeks thoughts and ideas about dreams gave the people of today their basis for figure out just what dreams are really about. In my research I found that there are six different types of dreams. The first type is insight. It provides a solution or clarification to an issue in your life. The second type of dreaming is lucid dreaming. These dreams we have and know we are just dreaming and that it is not really happening. The next type is precognitive dreams. They predict the outcome of events in your life. They are like a fortune teller or palm reader telling us our future. Then there are review dreams, these dreams let us look at ourselves to show us how our lives have become like they are. They let us look at ourselves from an outsider’s point of view. The next type of dream is the gratification dreams. These dreams fulfill our wants and satisfy our desires. They give us “what we want when we want it” ( The last type of dream is the physical dream. They are dreams that linger with us even after the dream is over and we are awake. They use imagery that is “physical or emotional” ( These six categories

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