Essay on Dreams That Never Come

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“If you work hard and play by the rules you should be given a chance to go as far as your God-given ability will take you.” President Bill Clinton coined this phrase as he declared the role of the American dream is purposed for all and can be obtain by someone's own efforts (Schudson 566). This is easier said then done. The American dream has long been prescribed into the heart and defines what it means to be an American. Almost like an addictive drug, the pursuit of the dream fuels the desires of natives and foreigners alike to go after a life styles that is just out of their reach. The challenge to obtain the American dream is faced by all walks of life, but such a dream seems more daunting for refugees seeking their new beginnings …show more content…
Their desire usually encompasses a desire for refuge from terrors in their homeland. For a refugee the dream is to be in a place where their children can have a better and safer future. However, when coming into the united states most refugees have varying degrees of challenges they face on top of settling into a new country and needing to find a good job. They are still badly traumatize by their experience from their home country, yet need to understand basic systems in order to settle in in their new home. Faeza escaped Iraq after her husband was murdered and came to Phoenix with her young son. She was a new widow, only knows basic English and had little experience in order to keep a job. For her settling was overwhelming without the a community support. More over, understanding how to get around like renting a good apartment is filled with obstacles. She needs to understand the purpose and systems in paying for bills, and finding a safe and affordable apartment. Faeza was not able to find solace until there were guides that helped her into choosing a safe neighborhood to rent a home and supplied her with basic necessities(Benntt 40). Tiwari is another man who although is ready to work hard to earn a living, is held back because he has no form of transportation (Griffin). Hardships can be different for each families who settle in the states. The dynamics of the family changes varying number of adults and young children in the family and further

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