Dreams : The American Dream

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Dreams The American dream, for most people, is exactly that – A dream. It’s make believe, fiction. It’s what we think American should be like, not what it actually is. The American dream will always be out of reach for common people. The majority of people I interviewed said something along the lines of, “the American dream is to be given a chance to do something or be something you want to be.” This opinion seems to be too optimistic. Everyone wants more than what they have. It’s not enough to be given the chance, you have to succeed. What it takes to succeed is an entirely different aspect of the American dream. Succeeding Succeeding is a never ending cycle, like a carousel in constant motion. One must take their chances jumping onto. To make money, you need to have a job. To have a good job, you need and education. To further your education you need money to pay for college. It’s an oxymoron. In the 1950’s sending a child to college would on be 18% of the parent’s annual income. While today it would be 79% of their gross income (mybudget360). In the 50’s, tuition of the University of Pennsylvania was $600 a year compared to the current tuition at $40,000 (2). This supports that anyone attempting to succeed at their version of the American dream, whatever it may be, could ultimately fail because of the massive amount of debt they would be in. Whether they achieve this dream or give up because of the impossible standards. Immigration So, what does it take to become an

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