Dreams Vs Reality Essay : Dreams And Reality

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Dreams Vs Reality

At some point, someone has said that high school will be the best four years of their lives and college gets even better. So with that idea in people’s heads, they come up with their ideal image of the college. They start planning the perfect scenario of what college they will go to and what their roommate will be like. They often try to compare an unrealistic image and turn it into a realistic image, but they are unlike in many ways. Once students step onto the college campus, they will soon face what it is actually like to be in college.When people understand that college is not the perfect movie scene, then they will take advantage of expanding and furthering their education seriously. Going to college is a whole different experience and there is a lot more to it such as the rigorous classes and overwhelming school work, being more independent, and forming new bonds with others.

Taking required classes and doing the school work is a lot more vigorous than what people imagine. Ideally people, especially new college students, hold the thought of taking the required courses just to get it over with. However, there is no time to ease up on the school work because as time passes, it will only become heavy. As well in movies, students will often find themselves staying up long hours of the night gulping down coffee just to finish or study for further assignments. Other than that, people will soon face the realization that the work will feel like it is…
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