Dreams and Reality

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Sleepwalking has always attracted a sense of mystery and suspense.
Has anyone here ever watched someone who was sleepwalking?
I have. I was 13 years old and it was in camp when I watched my friend get out of bed and walk to the front door of our bunkhouse. I had no idea that she was sleepwalking. I tried whispering her name but when she didn’t turn around, I just figured she hadn’t heard me. I called out to her louder but still she didn’t respond. That’s when I noticed the faraway look on her face. Her eyes were glazed over and her face had a blank stare. She didn’t turn back; she just kept walking straight towards the door. It was a very eerie thing to watch. I remember not being able to do anything but stare at
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Symptoms of sleepwalking include: * Walking during sleep * Taking in sleep and saying things that do not make sense * Sitting up and appearing awake during sleep * Opening eyes, having a blank look during sleep * Performing detailed activity of any type during sleep * Acting confused or disoriented when they wake up

What are its treatments?
Although there are some drugs that can be prescribed for sleepwalking, most people don't need any specific treatment for sleepwalking. Many experts just advise on putting away dangerous items and locking doors and windows before sleep to lower the risk of harmful activity. (This includes moving objects such as electrical cords or furniture to reduce the chances of tripping and falling. You may also need to block off stairways with a gate.) Avoiding sleep deprivation and going to sleep the same time on a regular basis are also recommended.
Some people mistakenly believe that a sleepwalker should not be woken up. It is not dangerous to awaken a sleepwalker. If you do so, the sleepwalker will only be a little confused and disoriented. Experts suggest to gently guide the sleepwalker back to bed without waking them.

What can you hope for a sleepwalker?
Sleepwalking usually decreases as children get older. It usually does not indicate a serious disorder, although it can be a symptom of other disorders.

How can you prevent it? * Avoid the use of alcohol or sedatives if you sleepwalk.
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