Dreams and Reality

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Dreams and Reality Dreams…do you have any? Of Coarse you do; everyone does. Everyone has dreams and personal desires that they would wish to fulfill. Dreams provide us with something to look forward to in life and they even sometimes comfort us: but these can often be misleading in reality. Dreams could be within your grasp one minute but slither away and demolish the next. This is portrayed in the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and the movie Cop Land directed by James Mangold. Shattered dreams can often lead to shattered hearts. In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, many examples of this statement are depicted through out the novel.…show more content…
Despite this, they still continue their ill-fated affair and plan to settle together one day. Juliet 's happiness relies on Romeo and Romeo 's happiness relies on Juliet. They comfort each other with the thought of one day being married and growing old together as they continue to be lovers. This all comes to a brutal destruction when Romeo believes that Juliet is dead and he commits suicide. In reality, Juliet was only under the influence of a poison she had taken in order to avoid a marriage her father had demanded and arranged for her. Juliet awoke to Romeo 's dead body and then she committed suicide as well. Romeo and Juliet truly did love each other but their ill-starred love had no chances of working out right from the beginning. Romeo and Juliet relied on something hopeless to solace their dream of one day being together and due to this, their love and lives came to an end. Their stimulation away from reality had it 's price. Speaking of shredded dreams, in the movie Cop Land directed by James Mangold, a character named Freddy Heflin is another character that could relate to the topic. Nobody ever said that choosing between your morals and dreams could be easy… but sometimes your morals could be proven to be worth more. Freddy plays an aging sheriff with smashed dreams faced with a moral dilemma he doesn 't know how to solve. Freddy wanted to be in the NYPD
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