Dreamworks Animation Skg, Inc.

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DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. is in the industry for Movie Production and Theaters a long with 2,700 full time employees and the headquarters is located in Glendale, California and was founded in 1994. DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. is a company that gets involved with production, development, and exploitation of animated films and character associated with the company worldwide. The company business is primarily conducted in three studios located in Glendale, California; Shanghai, China; and Bangalore, India. There are four segments that the company operates in; Feature Films, Television Series and Specials, Consumer Products, and New Media. In addition, the company primarily offers animated feature films and characters in theatrical, home entertainment, digital, television, merchandising, licensing, and other markets.

When calculating the liquidity for the company, I used two ratios focusing on the company’s short term of financial strength and primarily on the current assets, liabilities, and the inventories. In 2014 the current assets for the company was $1,377,165 and the current liabilities in the same period were $457,603. The previous period current assets were $1,496,863 and the current liabilities were $568,209. Using the current ratio to calculate how many dollars in assets are likely to be converted to cash within a year for that period in enabling the company to pay debts that come due in the same year. In both 2014 and the previous period the company’s…
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