Dred Scott V. Sandford was a lawsuit filed in 1846 by Dred Scott, an African- American slave

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Dred Scott V. Sandford was a lawsuit filed in 1846 by Dred Scott, an African- American slave because he wanted to gain freedom not only for himself but for his family. This case became a landmark legal case in the United States history. Dred Scott was basically arguing that because his owner had taken him into a free state where African Americans were free. The United states Supreme court said that since he was a slave now he could not become free. Slaves were not considered as United States citizens and since he was a slave he could not sue in federal court. The decision started a lot anger in Americans and this pushed the country towards civil war. Dred Scott V. Sandford was a very unfair, racial court case. On March 6, 1875 people…show more content…
They were forced to work from before dawn to after sundown. Most of them planted and worked in brutal heat. They had no freedom at all. Slaves were usually whipped and beaten on a daily basis. (http://www.biography.com/people/dred-scott-9477240) Slaves were not allowed to get married, and if they did they had to risk getting separated and their families getting taken away. Many slaves had very many talents, such as dancing, singing and making instruments. Some slaves were also super religious and even still had their african rituals. Slaves were referred to as ‘Other Persons’ and not even a human. Although no one knows his birthdate for sure, he was most likely born between 1795 and 1800’s in Southampton County, Virginia. Records show that Dred Scott was also born a slave. Sickness in Dred Scott’s youth may have slowed down his growth. Scott may have not even been in the same places as his own family. Scott had about eleven siblings, all from the same mother and father. Scott also moved around a bunch. He got sold to a different plantation which was John Emerson. (http://www.biography.com/people/dred-scott-9477240) Now Although this case was very unfair, it led us to the civil war and the freedom we have today. I am very thankful for Dred Scott because without him it would have probably took longer. While the decision was well-known and well thought of by slaves in the south, a bunch of northerners were upset, mad, and outraged. The decision made the people
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