Dred Scott Vs. Sandford Case

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The Supreme Court, which is the highest judicial court in the United States, serves as the place for all cases and controversies that fall underneath the Constitution of the U.S. The legislature passes the law, and the role of the judicial branch is to explain the law the legislature passed, which back fired in the case of Dred Scott. The Supreme Court were obligated to handle the Dred Scott versus Sandford case after the Missouri Federal District Court made their decision, adding the fact that it was a difficult case because slavery was such a hot issue at the time, which made the case a catalyst to the start of the Civil War.
Dred Scott was a slave that lived in St. Louis who sued in a Missouri state court to prove that he and his family were entitled to their freedom. Scott then took his case to the United States Supreme Court, which would ultimately lead to the Civil War. First of all, Scott was born into slavery in Virginia and then moved to Missouri with his slave master in 1830. Scott’s master died a few years after, so Scott was bought from a man that lived in Illinois, which at the time was declared a free state. Scott did not try to proclaim his freedom then, nor in Wisconsin which also was a free state. He did not try again for his freedom. It was not until Scott’s slave owner died, and Dr. Emerson’s wife did not want to sell Scott, that Scott finally made a push for his freedom and sued for it.
Once Scott sued for his freedom against Dr. Emerson’s wife it was
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