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On June 19th 1862 the US Congress prohibits slavery in the United States territories nullifying the Dred Scott Case. This was the most important day in US history for African Americans. This is because it helped blacks gain the rights they deserve. It also gave them rights they never thought they could achieve. This Court case of Scott vs. Sanford was a catalyst to riots, other court cases such as Brown vs. Board of Education, Rachel vs. Walker and many acts and amendments resulted from one mans wish to be free. Dred Scott was a slave to the Emerson family of Missouri. Emerson soon died in 1846 making Scott sue for his freedom. He soon lost the case in a state court, but shortly after he was introduced to a…show more content…
These others are known as Rosa parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and Malcolm X. These people also made huge impacts in the world but none of this would have happened without the Pride and Courage of Dred Scott. There were so many positives outcomes that have came from the Dred Scott Case with the intention of gaining the rights for all blacks. Scott wanted freedom from his slave holder. Scotts slave holder died thus according to the Rachel vs. Walker Case which states that if a slave returns to Missouri and is not owned as Dred Scott did there were entitled to freedom by virtue. (Lawson, 1987, 21-29) Shortly after this he was found in court getting tried to be a slave again. This Court case became known as the Dred Scott Case where he later lost the case. At that moment James Tallmadge wanted to help by introducing a Missouri statehood bill making it illegal to bring any new slaves in from places. (Lawson, 1987, 21-29) The court still was denying Dred Scotts freedom. Shortly after Dred Scott case was heard by the nations highest tribunal affecting how all blacks were to be treated in court. (Lawson, 1987, 21-29) Which soon enabled the Indiscretion Act which meant no black could be treated unfairly or have any discrimination affect the weight of the

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