Dress Code And Dress Codes

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Do you go to a school with dress code? If not, would you want a dress code? How does a dress code make you feel? Those are questions that can rise because of a uniform/dress code in school. Dress code has been around for such a long time and it has changed a lot. Dress codes are present in many schools while some students enjoy it, some hate it, and some students don’t care, the hatred can lead to not being able to express yourselves, while the enjoyment can be because of everyone being alike so everyone fits in, dress code both helps reduce misbehavior and inappropriate clothing in school and causes more misbehaviour because of students rebelling and going against the dress code. Dress code has changed drastically throughout history from the shoes to the shirts to the hair. Not only the actual clothes but the idea of a dress code has changed throughout the years. In the circa 1888 the female students had to wear the uniform below. "HISTORY: Dress Codes through the Ages." Timmins Press. Web. 11 Oct. 2015. During the Victorian age there were many norms set out for everyone. If someone you loved died you would have a mourning (some changes due to the relationship of whom died). For the first mourning, you wear bombazine fabric covered in crepe, a widow’s cap, lawn cuffs, and collars for a year and a month. The second mourning was six months long and you had to wear the same outfit minus the crepe. After that the next six months were spent in ordinary mourning, where you

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