Dress Code Benefits

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The idea of requiring uniforms in public and private schools has become an increasingly popular topic among school officials, parents, and students. While the United States often only requires uniforms in private schools, the idea of implementing a dress code in public schools is growing. Unlike the United States, requiring uniforms in other countries such as Japan and South Korea is extremely common. Year after year the children in these countries continue to surpass American children when compared academically using standardized tests (Yeung). Although this may be true, the United States is still behind on the internationally popular dress code policy due to opponents who believe that uniforms do not benefit school systems. Instead, opponents argue that…show more content…
With that being said, as more research about the benefits of uniforms develops, the more common dress code policies are becoming in the United States. With the appropriate research, school officials, parents, and students are becoming more aware of the importance of enforcing dress code policies. As research has shown, uniforms can create a sense of unity and develop self-confidence in students (Caruso). Uniforms can also improve academic performance and limit violence among students (King). While opponents will argue that there is not enough evidence to back up the value of a dress code, research proves that uniforms can be beneficial to school systems. Just as Japan and South Korea have implemented dress codes in their school systems, the time has come for the United States to recognize the value of school uniforms (Yeung). The question still remains, should all schools in the United States be required to enforce a dress code policy? In order to provide optimum learning in the classroom, uniforms are needed now more than
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