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Dress code has always been an issue ,it has some advantages and some disadvantage .But do you thing dress code is something that is necessary?Clothing ,like other aspects of humans physical appearance ,has a social significance .Dress code has build in rules or signals indicating the message being given by a person clothing and how it can worm. Some pro statement I consider important should be that uniforms can increase students safety . Having uniforms can prevent for students having sexual relationship with other students or even their own teacher .Prevent from other students from other schools coming into their campus . It also can prevent for bullying ,for example students picking on their cloths /shoes.When all…show more content…
When students has to ware the same outfit everyday,its limits our way of dressing up.We should be allowed to select clothes that suit our body types, this can make us fell better with ourselves; we can avoid the embarrassment. Allowing students to choose their clothing is an empowering message from the schools that a student is a maturing person who is entitled to the most basic self-determination.Making their own decision is helping us enter to the real world;of choosing whats right or wrong ,that everything has their consequences .Clothing is also a popular means of expressing support for various social causes and compulsory uniforms largely remove that option.Wearing shirts of a social cause is a way of expressing our thought and spreading out the word.For example , in October is the month for cancer and people should be allow to know and express their support in the way they dress .Uniforms are also uncountable ,the material that are mad off can irritate a person skin . They are also made off cheat material ,they can essay rip and when you wash them they became smaller .Parent's actually wast more money on buying more uniforms when their pants rip .School uniforms are not cheap!Some school districts have attempted to provide free school uniforms based on donations. However, in these very difficult economic times, there are not many associations that can afford to provide school uniforms for free. It

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