Dress Code Pros And Cons

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Dating all the way back to the 1960’s beginning with the Tinker vs. Des Moines court case dress code has been a major controversy between schools and students across the united states causing many disputes. While some people argue that it limits student's ability to express themselves, others will rebuttal that it is a way of keeping the school environment more safe and limits the amount of bullying. While both sides point out many good points, it still continues to be a constant issue that no one can agree on. One of the most common reasons you’ll hear when asked about why dress codes are put into effect is to try and stop the bullying going on in the school. First let's get it straight that dress codes can mean many sorts of things like if they have to wear a school uniform, or how long girls skirts can be, or if hats are allowed etc. Many people will say that having everyone dressed in the same clothes doesn't give kids an opportunity to make fun and bully someone because of what they're wearing. “If we could stop bullies from tormenting us merely by changing our clothes, we would surely have done so a long time ago.” (Huffington Post) The opposing side then takes the claim that even if schools enforce a dress code, kids can still get bullied for the way they look like; how they do their hair, or how they do their makeup. Changing the dress code and forcing kids to wear the same thing limits the amount of bullying, but doesn't stop it states Tony Volk (Uniforms don’t
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