Dress Code Research Paper

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There are many reasons why I believe that business should require dress codes for business. They should do this so that, as an employee for a specific job, like a nurse, you need to dress as if you know about your job, which means there are certain jobs that should require certain things to wear, such: nurses, doctors, lawyers,

In addition to that, a nurse that takes care of sick patients, you should require them to wear things like a face mask that keeps you from inhaling the illness that the patient has. The clothing you should have to wear a nurse’s outfit. Employees should wear the nurse’s outfit. If they do, it shows more professionally at a job. They should not let them wear jeans. I feel that that is unprofessional and may have others thinking the company seems as if they do not have any training. People may start to look at you and give animadversions.

Therefore, a doctor, who does surgeries, should also require
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If lawyers do come with a case at court, you may not want them to look horrible. Lawyers should make themselves and the company seem very professional, so that even if they may not know what they are talking about, the judge still may believe them and can prove the person innocent. They should require them to wear a suit and tie with dress shoes. Everyone on the job should have requirements, no matter the gender.

Finally, I consider that many jobs should require their employees to have dress codes. There are many reasons why I think this, such as, they make the job become more professional. The jobs that should do this are lawyers, doctors, and nurses. Many other jobs may need to also, such as, teachers and business workers like accounting. All of these reasons support my reasoning for saying jobs should have required dress codes. I believe jobs should not proscribe dress codes. If they choose to still not follow the dress code, scowl them until they do. Get them and get them
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