Dress Codes And School Uniforms

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Is there anything more embarrassing than being dress coded at school? Enforcing a dress code among children is unfair because it not only discriminates against people but it destroys someone’s whole day. Dress codes and school uniforms are meant to increase student achievement and make everyone equal but instead it only hurts people. Most school dress codes are unnecessary and are sexist. Enforcing dress codes is suppose to boost student achievement but instead is racist, sexist and unnecessary. Schools should take into consideration their student 's feelings before they establish rules for dressing.
Forcing school uniforms are more likely upon people of different races compared to people who are white. People who are Hispanic or Black
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In Georgia, 37 percent of students are black, but they account for 67 percent of suspensions and 64 percent of expulsions, according to federal data,” (French and Bloom). Since Black and Hispanic students are more likely to have to wear school uniforms, they encounter more discipline from adults. White students do not have as much discipline because they are less likely to have to wear uniforms. People of different races will most likely have to be punished more than people who are White because more people who are Black have to wear uniforms than people who are White. Overall, enforcing a dress code or forcing to wear school uniforms is a racial issue because people who are not White are more likely to have to wear school uniforms than people who are White.
Secondly, most dress codes that are enforced are so extreme and unnecessary. Children are suspended for unnecessary reasons such as shaving his head in awareness for cancer patients. According to a child from third-grade’s mom, “A Colorado third-grader was suspended after shaving her head to show support for a friend battling cancer, because she 'd violated her school 's dress code banning shaved heads,” (Hoevel). Dress codes are so extreme that even a shaved head is not appropriate for some schools. When students just want to show awareness of cancer and other diseases, school 's discipline them for something so
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