Dress Codes And Sexual Violence

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Dress codes can be found in a majority of schools approving of sexual violence through dress. Dress codes also prioritize a boy’s education, and show a lack of gender equality. School administrators believe they have the right to dictate what students can wear. Students should not be forced to follow dress codes at schools; therefore, schools do not have the right to mandate what students can wear. By having a female student be spoken to for wearing “inappropriate clothing”, but turning a blind eye to male students’ behaviour, it infers to the other male students that sexual violence is acceptable, and it is the victim’s fault. In an article written by Greg Hardesty, he said “When a school takes the decision to police female students ' bodies while turning a blind eye to boys ' behavior, it sets up a lifelong assumption that sexual violence is inevitable and victims are partially responsible. Students are being groomed to perpetuate the rape culture narrative that sits at the very heart of our society 's sexual violence crisis.” In this quote, Hardesty is explaining how turning a blind eye to the crude behaviour of the boys in the class is in a way accepting sexual violence as an acceptable action. When a female student comes into a classroom on a hot day wearing a tank top, shorts, and sandals, she would be gawked at by the male students in the class and spoken with by her teachers for exposing her skin. But if a boy walks in wearing the same thing; tank top, shorts,
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