Dress Codes And The School System

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Several altercations have occurred in today’s decade with dress codes in schools. Girls are being called out of the classroom in the middle of a lesson and even slut shammed by teachers and administration. Dress codes have gone from a way to keep children safe from gang-related violence and bullying from peers, to sexist comments and unfair punishments. Even though dress codes provide structure in schools, dress codes can provoke sexism and cause low self-esteem. Fashion changes every decade along with the idea of what is acceptable in society. Even though today’s fashion is a slightly more revealing, it still is no reason for the undeniable slut shamming that is taking place in elementary and high schools. School is an institution for educating children. A person’s brain does not fully finish developing until mid-twenties, and this is why kids embrace some the most influential lessons in the school system. However, there is a detrimental message being sent home with young girls everyday. According to TIME, girls are covering themselves to be protected from the looks and comments of the male. Also, Laura Bates explains that in the school system today, adolescent girls are being taught that their bodies are dangerous, and boys have the right to objectify and harass them. “We have received thousands of testimonies from girls who have complained about being verbally harassed, touched, groped, chased, followed, licked, and assaulted at school, only to be told: “he just likes
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