Essay about Dress Codes in Schools

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The dress code, an essential tool for preventing people from offending others both intentionally and unintentionally. School, a place of education. Education of necessary subjects for becoming a good citizen. Not education of outfits that show more than they hide. No matter what people say, school is NOT a fashion show. Freedom of Expression, a true right that’s true meaning is being demolished. The school must have control over the dress code and enforce it. If the school couldn’t control what people wear, just think what there control over the people would be! I intend to tell you why I believe this in more detail. Beer slogans and other offensive and truly inappropriate clothing must not be worn to school. It is argued that people see…show more content…
Younger kids look up to the older ones and see these inappropriate shirts etc, then copy it! Be a good role model and dress inoffensively. Some things may seem funny to you but offend others. This is absolutely unacceptable. There are many clothes that can be amusing and not offensive. Your actions can affect many. Make sure they affect adequately. School by definition is an institution for teaching children or giving instruction to any subject. It is not an institution for showing off your unmentionables. If a person were to care so much about their clothes, they could drop out of school and join the fashion industry. Fashion and school do not mix though! Outfits that show too much skin can cause distractions from learning and promote sexual behavior. Now who in the world would want to be thinking about sex rather than school? It’s ridiculous and uncalled for. Some may argue it is necessary to have two different wardrobes in order to satisfy the dress code’s requirements, and have clothes that look good. This is too expensive they argue. Well there’s a solution. Buy clothes that look good, AND, meet the dress code’s expectations. It’s not THAT hard. Clothes that meet the dress code can look good too! Freedom of Expression is being misused. Yes, everyone has the right to express themselves, but wearing inappropriate clothing is not the way to do it. You could use words, pictures, music etc, but don’t resort to clothes that don’t cover nearly enough

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