Dress R Us Consulting Report

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Hats R Us Consulting Report:
Social Media Usage, Customer Information Selling and Flexible Working Arrangements
Economy is changing rapidly and the ethical standards, technology and value in working life has also changed in a great aspect in recent decades. For the business to cope with the changed environment, it is important to revalidate the current standards that the company has and show a clear direction to the employees. The company needs to have a clear view and a firm stance on certain issues and we will be reviewing on what that should be through this report. In this report, we will go through the usage of social media in workplace, policy on selling customer information and employees’ flexible working arrangements.
Usage of social media in work place:
Social media has completely changed the way of interaction among the individuals and the world. Many people use social media to expand their market. Some companies agree to use social media in their workplace, whereas some do not agree. There are many benefits in using social media such as a brand extension, open communication, and leadership.
When we introduce the usage of social media in our company, we can improve our business productivity. Michels, M. (2010) said to HR Focus that “If a company provides a service or sells products, and employees are out there blogging about them or talking about them on their Facebook accounts.” It is possible if our firm allows use of social media by employees to get benefits to…

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