Dress for success

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Dress for success
Kira Gusak

Mrs. Cathy Bauer
Western Literature and Humanities
11 April 2014

Dress for success

Thesis: A person who wears nice cloths is more successful and self-confident


I. Introduction (You are a turtle with your shell)
II. How dressing affects your attitude
III. “You look fantastic” is the best compliment that can be said.
IV. Knowledge of knowing how to combine clothes will help with getting a job
V. Appearance may affect your productivity
VI. Dressing is very important for getting a man
VII. Conclusion

Dress for success Is the way a person dresses important? It can
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Each color has different description and can lead to different effect. (Self-Growth) The best compliment that somebody can make to another person is to say, “You look fantastic”. It means that the job that somebody did with his outfit is successful, and he succeed in impressing others. This compliment about the overall outfit, is even better than hearing about a specific part of the outfit, for example, the shoes, or a bag, or a coat… This compliment means that the person’s attire was successfully combined, with his self- confidence making the person look fantastic. It’s especially important when making a first impression. Because when first meeting someone a good impression will be made. In a person’s life there’s a very important and significant step, which may influence their whole life, this step is to find a good job. It means that people should be

Gusak3 responsible about finding work because nobody wants to lose out on a chance, so a person has to be very concerned about it. It’s when first impressions are made as well. According to CNN’s reports about what employers demand from people who went to the job interview, we can see that how we dress says a lot about us, and it forms an employer’s opinion and decides our future in the company ( A company may not have a particular dress code, but they would like to see people working in appropriate and suitable clothes; the employers want to see a person with clean. Also from
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