Dressing for Success

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In a picture-perfect world, at one’s place of work a person would only be judged based on the quality of their work. Too bad that’s not exactly how the world around us works today. No matter where you are whether it be a store, school, an interview or work someone will always be judging you on your appearance. The way one decides to dress every morning, reflects how they feel, especially how they feel about their job. If someone takes their position seriously and are ready to work every day, they will dress the part. They will show how serious they are because of their appearance. If someone does not take it serious people will take notice, people will see it in the way they dress. If you see someone come into work or to an interview looking like they just rolled out of bed. Clothes wrinkled, or too oversized, hair messy, just looking sloppy all together what would you think about their work ethic? You’d think they are not serious about this at all, that they simply do not care about being there. Someone can be the hardest worker in the company but if you don’t dress the part no one will take you serious, no one will give you the chance to prove yourself because they already have a judgment about you in their head because of the way you dress. When it comes to dressing for success I think everyone will agree that it is a little more…
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