Drew Mingione. Ms. Speirs. English 10H A4. April 27, 2017.

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Drew Mingione
Ms. Speirs
English 10H A4
April 27, 2017
The Continuous Cycle of War Ever since the days of Mesopotamia from the agricultural revolution, war has been a constant and important part of human life. Over time though, humans have evolved and gotten stronger and smarter which lead to more competition. War from its beginning, has consistently stemmed from the innate sense of evolutionary survival and subsequent competition, thus securing it’s inevitable perpetuation. The only thing that every person has in common is that they want to survive. Humans are always fighting. This shows how even though the monster had not done anything inherently wrong, they are afraid because they just want to survive and the monster looks
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Religions differing has caused many conflicts throughout history. “The feeling of attachment to tribalism and fake patriotism under the umbrella of religion is stronger and more apparent than respect for human rights and pluralism” (Mhamed 2). When people are tied so greatly to their religion, they will be willing to throw away their morals and do whatever they deem is right for their beliefs, leading to constant wars. “different tribal and so-called patriotic groups resort to religion to gain legacy and popularity” (Mhamad 2). Religion is even just a way to unite people to war such as saying they are doing something in the name of their deity Both survival and competition, consequently have caused continuous wars throughout human history. Humans are always fighting since the beginning of time. “ Wherever there is an enemy, animate or inanimate, there must be a victory. You must prevail at the front, no matter how high the cost at home” (Wilson 1). There will always be war for these reasons. Nationalism is one of the key examples coming from this quote and it is said for a very good reason. “group-versus-group competition was a principal driving force that made us what we are. In prehistory, group selection lifted the hominids that became territorial carnivores to heights of solidarity, to genius, to enterprise—and to fear” (Wilson 1). Competition was necessary and it will until the end of humans. It has caused war but it

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