Drilling Rigs : Offshore Drilling

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An offshore drilling rig is a machine that creates holes (usually called wells or boreholes) and/or shafts in the ground. Drilling rigs can be huge structures that house equipment which is then used to drill water wells, oil wells, or natural gas wells. The term “rig” refers to the complexity of the equipment that is used to penetrate deep into the surface of the earth’s hard crust. Offshore drilling is a mechanical process where a wellbore is drilled through the seabed. Typically carried out in order to explore and extract petroleum which lies in rock formations beneath the seabed. The term is used to describe drilling activities on the continental shelf, the term can also be applied to drilling in lakes, inshore waters and inland…show more content…
Oil rigs are primarily used in the drilling of wells and various platforms are mounted directly on the working field for the extraction of oil and/or gas. In some cases the drilling for natural oil and gas offshore is really far away from shore/land and therefore various challenges and hurdles are encountered in drilling offshore than onshore. When drilling at sea, the sea floor is often found to be thousands of feet below sea level. Hence, when dealing with onshore drilling, there is a ground which provides a solid relatively easy platform on which to drill, as compared to at sea on which an artificial drilling platform has to be constructed (Sadeghi, 2007). . Moveable offshore drilling platforms/rigs Generally, there exist two different types of offshore drilling rigs. The first is called a moveable offshore drilling rig. This can be moved from one place to the other and the second type is called fixed rigs (Sadeghi, 2007). Drilling barges These are used most commonly in inland shallow water drilling. This usually takes place in small water bodies such as lakes, swamps, rivers. Drilling barges are essentially massive floating platforms that need to be towed via a tugboat from one location to the other. Suitable for small water bodies which comprise of still and shallow waters - drilling barges are unable to resist and endure the strong and rapid water movements that are found in large water body environments such as oceans (Sadeghi, 2007). Jackup
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