Drinking Age : A Good Idea

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Drinking Age Who could possibly think it’s smart to lower the national minimum age requirement to buy and consume alcohol? Richard Marron, State Representative of Vermont, thinks it’s a good idea. Ruth C. Engs, Professor of Applied Health Sciences at Indiana University, thinks it’s a good idea. Dwight B. Heath, Professor of Anthropology at Brown University, thinks it’s a good idea. I think it’s a good idea. Wouldn’t lowering the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) result in more cases of drunk driving? Overall, no. The number of DUIs among people between the ages of 18-20 would most likely increase, but this increase would be offset by a decrease in DUIs among people between the ages of 21-24. In a study published in Southern Economic…show more content…
How many videos have you seen online of a college student, completely wasted, doing something incredibly stupid? If this person had started drinking at a younger age, in an appropriate setting, and in the presence of responsible adults, this would happen much less frequently. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to learn to drink in a safe place when under 21 because you have to drink in a secluded area to avoid being caught. It isn’t possible to drink in the presence of responsible adults because these are the same people trained to not allow you to drink. Instead, young adults either binge drink with their friends at an unsafe location away from supervision, or they wait until they get to college where there aren’t any parents around and drink too much too fast due to a lack of experience.
Currently, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act prevents states from lowering their MLDA below 21 by threatening to cut 10% of federal highway funding if they do so.
This needs to change.
With the correct legislation, the state would not only maintain funding, but would actually gain money. With a lower MLDA, more people would be able buy alcohol at liquor stores and drink alcohol in restaurants, bars, and other licensed establishments. Revenue for these businesses would increase, resulting in more tax money for the federal and state government. Teenagers get a rush from breaking the law. It’s a fact.
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