Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

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Malena Chim English 4 Mr. Tachella 25 September 2017 Drinking age is already dangerous as is In recent discussions of the drinking age limit, people have always said that the drinking age limit should be lowered. Some may argue that alcohol is not bad and that it can actually be beneficially. Many people would want the drinking age limit to be lowered so that it is legal for young adults to drink. If the drinking age limit were to be lowered there would be a drastic difference in society. In my perspective I will argue that the drinking age limit should not be lowered. If the drinking age limit were to be lower than Twenty-One in the state of California, it will have a drastic affect to society. Keeping the drinking age at Twenty-One will…show more content…
When paramedics arrived they stated that 3 month old Julian was in cardiac arrest and not breathing. Under all the circumstances they had to continue to perform CPR and was giving oxygen before being rushed to the Royal Bournemouth hospital. Julian was diagnosed with severe head injuries, as well as some fractured collarbone and ribs. He was then transferred to Southampton General Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where he then died at 5:10am even with all the efforts of the medical staff. Robert Hinz was later convicted and charged for the murder of his son. He did a foolish thing that changed his family forever because of his alcoholic rage. This is only one of many things that can happen if you are under the influence of alcohol and/or liquor. Nicole LaFreniere drove drunk and killed 3 people. She was just starting off her career. She had finish cosmetology school and had just gotten a job at a salon in Livermore, California. She decided to let loose and celebrate her accomplishments. She went to the Livermore Saloon bar with a couple of friends, Kyle and Jennifer and ran into some other friends she knew at the bar. She was 20 years old with a fake ID in order to buy some drinks but the bar did not ID her. She had a couple of mixed drinks, had a shot of Jagermeister and downed some Vodka. She then started dancing to the music and just having fun. Her and her friends then walked down the street to
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