Drinking Alcohol

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Around the country there have been issues with the use of alcohol on college campuses. The consumption of alcohol causes problems with the student’s education, health, and behavior. Many universities have had difficulties solving these problems. Alcohol should be banned from college campuses. First, alcohol effects the student’s education. Over half of all college students have reported drinking between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four (“Alcohol Fact”). Of that fraction of students, twenty-five percent of them have experienced challenges with their academics (“The Burden of”). For most college students, drinking has become a part of their lives. Not only are these students drinking on the weekends, they are also staying out late on school nights to party with friends; this can result in an act of binge drinking. Binge drinking is when there is an excessive amount of alcohol consumed in a short period of time (“Binge Drinking”). In a national survey, it reported that students who took part in binge drinking were more likely to do poorly in a class than those students who drank fewer times a week (“The Burden of”). By doing this they are risking the chance of oversleeping or not being able to focus in class the next day. In college, attendance mentally and physically is important. If a student fails at either one of them multiple times, the chance of them failing the class is very likely. Failing a class in which the parents or students are paying for is a waste of
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