Drinking And Driving

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Drinking and driving is not always a right thing. When people drink and drive the action of it could get extremely dangerous. Wrecks are one of the main problems that can happen when some people are drunk because some can lose control of what they are trying to do and end up wrecking. Another problem is driving under the influence of being on drugs. This can cause serious damage. When people are on drugs, they lose train of thought and half of the time, they forget what they are doing. It does not end too well. People can become abusive because they usually do not exactly know what they are doing. Usually, people do drugs to get their minds or to make them feel better when they are emotional, but when others do so much, they lose control…show more content…
Unfortunately, some of the money was spent on high school driver education, which increased teenage driving without reducing the number of crashes per driver, thus increasing deaths” (Robertson 296).When driving while on any kind of drug can mess up your train in thought. Although people tend to lose what they was thinking before and everything else, but most of all some forget about the dangerous outcome that will happen when they are on them. Throughout the year there has been a big change in the numbers going up on crashes. There are now programs that can help them so they can get out of everything and all the drugs that you’re on (Robertson 295). They have made vast progress: based on random stops, the number of drivers with any alcohol in their system was 35.9% in 1973. By 2007, the figure had fallen to 12.4%, according to the Department of Transportation” (Gray 54).Police to this day are still trying to get people to stop drinking and driving and doing drugs and driving. There has been so many wrecks and people dying over this case. Some people do not really understand how dangerous it can be and they still continue to do it. It was becoming to the point police can not really get anyone to understand even with them being taken into prison (Gray 54). “Three published studies have examined the effects of lowered BAC laws on teenage driving after drinking and fatal car crash involvement.(n5-n7). Youths are more likely to

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