Drinking At 18 Legal Or Not

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Drinking at 18 legal or not Changing the drinking age from 21 to 18 has been a controversial argument for many years now, Even though every states legal drinking age is 21 there is some states that make certain exceptions in some situations. There is many pros and cons to changing this such as a good thing is some 18 year olds may not binge drink as they do when they turn 21. If 18-20 year olds are allowed to drink in supervised locations such as bars and restaurants it would be a much safer environment rather than say a house party or a fraternity house where there is not any supervision for the most part which could lead to dangerous behavior. Lowering the age would also “kill the thrill” of drinking underage and trying to not get caught by parents or law enforcement. The problem is that with pros comes cons. I am 20 years old myself and I have been drinking since I was 17, I have many friends who are not able to handle there alcohol and I have been drinking with them for a few years. The problem with that is that some younger teens like myself tend to binge drink at party’s to impress themselves or each other which can lead to alcohol poisoning, throwing up, dangerous decisions such as driving drunk and fighting. Lowering the legal drinking age could also lower the age that underage teens drink down to middle school or younger years of high school since it would be so easy to obtain. In the next segment of my paper I will talk about the pros followed by the cons and…
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