Drinking In Australia Essay

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Young Australians and Drinking Alcohol

In Australia 40% of australians from the age of 14 to 19 drink enough alcohol that they can cause a short term accident and or injury. That is a lot of people drinking under age.

Alcohol is a liquid substance that can which when consumed slows down the brain. It also alters the brain to increase the risk of depression and anxiety. When too much alcohol is consumed it can cause memory loss.

Short and Long Term Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol can cause short term effects such as: slurred speech drowsiness vomiting diarrhea upset stomach headaches breathing difficulties distorted vision and hearing impaired judgment decreased perception and coordination unconsciousness anemia coma blackouts

Alcohol can
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There are many consequences that can be caused because of this for example your at a bar drunk with friends and you didn't tell your girlfriend that you were going to go out that night. Your girlfriend asks you where you were and since your drunk you are most likely to say something very stupid that you are not aware, so when your girlfriend confronts you about this you wouldn't have a clue about anything that she is talking about.

How to Stop

It is hard to stop drinking but the easiest way is to just gradually drink less amounts of alcohol everyday until you eventually don’t need a dose of alcohol everyday. The other way you could stop drinking is to learn it the hard way by experiencing a major injury or relationship problem.


86.2% of people over the age of 14 have drunk alcohol at least once in their life time
37.3% of people over the age of 14 drink alcohol on a weekly basis
Young Australians have their first full serve of alcohol
Why do Teenagers Drink

One of the main reasons why young teenagers drink is because of peer pressure. Some teens believe that all teenagers drink therefore they start drinking. Also some of their friends might drink and then they think that they have to drink to fit in. Teens are also influenced by parents. If their parents drink a lot they are more likely to drink

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