Drinking Problems With Alcohol Abuse

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There are two different kinds of drinking problems that people may struggle with at some point in their life. The first is alcoholism, which is the illness that alcoholics suffer from. An alcoholic is an individual who has a physical or mental desire to consume alcohol beyond his or her capacity to control it (O’Connor, 2011). As an alcoholic drinks more, his or her tolerance increases. This means he or she will need more alcohol in order to feel drunk. He or she may also experience a physical dependence; if they do not consume alcohol they will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. The other type of drinking problem that someone may have to deal with is alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse is when an individual’s drinking leads to problems, but they are not physically dependent on alcohol. These problems may occur at work, school, home or in their personal relationships. It can also lead to problems with the law when using alcohol in dangerous situations, such as drinking and driving (O’Connor, 2011). Despite the difference, both alcoholism and alcohol abuse are classified as a mental illness according to the DSM-5. Interestingly, there has been an increase in the amount of women who are suffering from these mental illnesses, but their difficulties can be mitigated with the help of group therapy. While it used to be more common to hear about male alcoholics, the number of woman having an alcohol dependency has increased. A large research study conducted by the University of…
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