Drinking While Driving

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PSYN 101: Introduction to Psychology Dr. Jim Towey

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Chapter 12: Motivation & Emotion

1. Motivation is BEST defined as _____. p. 422
a) the set of factors that activate, direct, and maintain behavior toward a goal
b) the physiological and psychological arousal that occurs when a person really wants to achieve a goal
c) what makes you do what you do
d) the conscious and unconscious thoughts that focus a person's behaviors and emotions in the same direction toward a goal

2. Emotion is BEST defined as _____.
a) affective feelings
b) a subjective feeling that includes arousal, cognitions, and behavioral expressions
c) affective responses that are the result of external or
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Which type of motive BEST explains their behavior? p. 423
a) The achievement motive b) The drive reduction motive c) The arousal motive d) The need for self-actualization

18. Zuckerman's test for sensation seeking measures which of the following characteristics? p. 426
a) Dangerousness, antisocial traits, "letting loose," and intolerance for boredom
b) Thrill seeking, experience seeking, disinhibition, and susceptibility to boredom
c) Adventurousness, physical prowess, creative morality, and charisma
d) Dangerousness, adventurousness, creativity, and thrill seeking

19. According to Zuckerman, which of the following people will have the MOST difficulty in their career or home relationships?
a) Yachi is a low sensation seeker working as an air traffic controller.
b) Jacob is a high sensation seeker working as a test pilot for the Air Force.
c) Mr. Dudley has a low to moderate need for arousal, Mrs. Dudley has a moderate to low need for arousal.
d) Peony has a moderate need for arousal, and works as a mail carrier.

20. Sensation seeking is related to _____. p. 425
a) the arousal motive b) the achievement motive c) Maslow's hierarchy of needs d) Zuckerman's dangerousness model

21. Low levels of arousal lead to _____ and high levels of arousal lead to _____.
a) reduced behavior efficiency; reduced behavior efficiency b) increased behavior efficiency; reduced behavior efficiency
c) increased behavior efficiency; increased behavior

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