Drinking on College Campuses

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Parents and professors look over the problem of students drinking and look at their college life in a positive way. They understand the students to be studying, making new friends, or working. Instead, an abundance of students are partying and drinking at these parties. The transformation from high school to college causes stress to the students. Therefore, instead of the students looking towards studying more, they start partying to solve their problems. Once they start partying, it gets harder for them to stop and they become depressed. Students drinking at college has become a provision for them, thinking it would help with their stress and problems rather than causing other predicaments.
Parents would like to think that their children are doing what they’re expected to do while at college rather than drinking and partying. According to Lucy E. Napper who wrote “What Are Other Parents Saying? Perceived Parental Communication Norms and the Relationship Between Alcohol-Specific Parental Communication and College Student Drinking,” states parents perceive their children to be studying and making new friends. The parents presume their children to be cramming in plenty of studying for the upcoming classes (Napper 6, 7). According to Paul J. Gruenewald who wrote “A Dose–Response Perspective on College Drinking and Related Problems,” states students should be…
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